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Single Phase fitting Instructions

SPARX Single Phase POWER Box

If you have 12 volt 2 wire stator simply connect the White / Green wire and the Green / Yellow wire to either of the yellow AC wires of your SPARX box. The Red + and Black - then simply connect to your motorcycle wiring. ( see diagram below)


**Single & Three phase boxes***
Due to the sensitive nature of both the single and three phase boxes it is VERY important to fit spark plug caps of the 5000ohm resisted type.
Failure to do so will cause overloading.

12v Powerbox pic

12v Powerbox pic


If you have an old 6 volt 3 wire stator you can convert it to 12 volt by joining the green/black and green/yellow wires together then connecting those two to one of the yellow AC wires and then connecting the green/white wire from the stator to the other yellow AC wire of your SPARX box, Then the Red + and the Black - connect into your motorcycle wiring. Please do not forget to change your Battery, bulbs, horn etc. to 12 volts also!!!! ( see diagram below ).

6v fitting pic

6v fitting pic

Tech help

For Technical help call your stockist

SPARX Electrics are designed to give reliability and a higher output than standard Items especially at the lower rev ranges. Why not upgrade your motorcycle electrics today.

SPARX Single phase 'POWER BOX' regulator rectifier

Enhance your electrics with the FULL Three Phase 210 Watt Alternator Kit

Please Note

When using SPARX regulator rectifiers you must use resisted spark plugs as circuitry is sensitive. Using unresisted plugs can cause over charging.

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